Employees welfare

Medical Care:

Teyseer Security will provide every employee with a medical card free of charge. Teyseer Security has agreement with many clinics to provide free of charge doctor consultations and medicines as per the agreement with the clinics and company regulations.

Insurance scheme:

Every employee of the company is registered with the insurance scheme for medical, life and disability coverage.

Further information can be obtained from your location manager and or HR Department

Grievance Procedure:

It is the Company policy to ensure that our employees receive fair and equitable treatment. We support employee-supervisor relations by encouraging communication and reconciliation of work-related problems. The grievance procedure is available for expressing legitimate dissatisfaction without fear of criticism or retaliation.

Whistle blowing Policy

This Policy is intended to help employees who have major concerns over any wrongdoing within the company to report unlawful conduct, financial mismanagement or dangers to the public or the environment, and/or any potential breaches of our Business Integrity, or compromises of our processes and procedures, which would facilitate a breach. The Management would prefer that you raise the matter when it is just a concern rather than wait for concrete proof.

Welfare Committee:

This scheme is run by TSS employees. This committee extends financial and moral assistance to our staff. It also serves as a communication link between the staff and the management. A fund is maintained under this scheme with contributions from employees and the management.


Salaries are paid through bank transfer every month. The company will open a bank account for all the employees free of charge.


The company provides meals to its employees in accordance with the employment contract and a further mutual agreement.

Uniforms & Laundry:

Uniforms will be issued to you on arrival in accordance with company policy. Free laundry services are available for uniforms.

Local transportation:

Transportation to and from the workplace is provided by the company free of charge.