Employees motivational programs

Teyseer Security Services believes in creating an environment that helps employees motivate themselves. The following schemes are in practice:

Special performance Bonus / Awards:

Employees are awarded special performance bonuses for outstanding achievements. Other performance award includes a Best Employee of the Month Award.


The Company offers numerous 'ON' and 'OFF' the Job training opportunities to employees to help them with their career development.

Increment / Promotions:

The Company has a policy of reviewing periodically the salary packages of all its employees and increments/promotions are awarded to deserving employees based on individual merits and management's decision.

Service Accomplishment Award: Company employees are honored in a special ceremony when they accomplish 10/20 years of service with TEYSEER. This includes a medal and certificate.

Employee Engagement Survey:

An Employee Engagement Survey is conducted every two years by an independent institution. The survey results will be used to make short and long term action plans which aim to accommodate the concerns of the employees.

Staff Entertainment:

TSS promotes entertainment activities for its staff. These include picnics, monthly BBQ party, indoor / outdoor games, tournaments, national day celebrations and annual staff parties.

In most of the accommodation, employees are provided with other recreation facilities such as TV, and WIFI, cooking facilities, personal laundry facilities, Gym Facilities etc.